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Zodiac Sign + Your Venus Sign = What You’re Looking For!

Zodiac Sign + Your Venus Sign = What You’re Looking For!

Zodiac Sign + Your Venus Sign = What You’re Looking For!

So, I promised this post last weekend, but, it’s been hectic for me, lately! & I love that I have some #FBFs interested in this! Yay! Anyways, when people think Zodiac signs, they think of reasons to not date anyone because of it. They are wrong.
Because we are more than just your Zodiac Sign (Sun Sign). We are Rising Signs, Moon Signs, Venus Signs, & etc.
The ones I’ve named are the main signs we look at in love. We’re focusing on Venus Signs + Your Zodiac because these are the things we look for in a partner BEFORE a relationship. Couples need to look at Venus, Sun, & Moon for more interpersonal interactions, such as emotions. Your Synastry Chart will also help guide the way, too, but right now, we’re just doing the basics.
Every person in a Zodiac is NOT the same, but they will have eerie similar habits. Most Geminis are clever. Most Virgos are detailed oriented. A lot of Cancers are in health & business for careers, etc. ??‍♀️ Moving-on, though,…

Your Rising Sign is the mask you put on for the world. For instance, my Rising Sign is Scorpio. Depending on the day & the mood, a lot of people take my RBF as unapproachable (just say hey, dang! ???). Your Zodiac is YOU. What you tend to like. I’m a Virgo. Most Virgos are introverts & are secretive. We like nerdy things & technical skills. Your Venus Sign is HOW you love & what you look for in a partner. My Venus is in Cancer. I won’t show emotion if you hurt me, but if deeply hurt, I’ll retreat into a shell to heal, like a Cancer. Cancers also provide as a way of showing love. They also need affection & closeness. So, that means, I’m expecting my loved-one to already know I’m a Venus in Cancer & how to love me,… Not! ???

So, in essence, your Zodiac + your Venus sign is how you teach your lover to love YOU. This is why astrology interests me. According to what I have read, if couples know how to love & understand each other & their emotional triggers, it makes for a lasting relationship. Which is why astrology is often talked about in the subject of love. Just think of it as a grand math equation to help us understand us.

So, there’s that. Let’s power forward to Venus in Retrograde.

Some people go by what the planet is Retrograding to. Some people go by what’s going on now. I go by what I see in the current planetary transits & the retrogrades. I currently don’t have the equipment for daily aspects, so it won’t allow me to be too detailed. ??‍♀️??‍♀️ I also look at Retrogrades from an introspective way, mostly, because it’s all I do. When Venus Retrogrades, I look at the Zodiac & the house it represents. I also look at what other Retros are going on. At this time, exes contact or think of you, old crushes reappear, old love wants to rekindle.
Not during a Venus Retrograde. It is okay to rekindle, but use this time to actually figure-out the who’s & why’s of the rekindle. 9/10, it won’t last after the Venus Retrograde because it went direct. You snap out of it. I don’t recommend sex with an old lover at this time. I do recommend dates & late night phone talks. Venus Retrograded in Scorpio + the Moon was in Scorpio, making people very irritated & emotional. Why? Because, Scorpio is psychological. You had two emotional celestial bodies in a Water-Sign, which means, it’s time to address what’s really going on or bothering you in your inner life & relationships with others. It wasn’t the time to start anything new. Are you understanding your partner’s emotions or are you just listening to reply? What deep-seated issues got y’all arguing about the same thing? Shoot, are you even happy where you are? Have you done the inner-healing to even be in a relationship? You were probably more emotional than usual a week or so ago. Sucked, right?
This is how I handle my Venus Retrogrades:
? I ask myself what in my heart hurts.
? I sit & think about it.
? I (recently started) meditate on it & let it pain me for a while until I understand the source.
? I write down why I feel this way or tell myself why I feel this way.
? Accept it.
? Burn it & try to let it go (it takes some tries).
? Forgive, but not forget.

That’s it.
#SageBurn #PaloSantoBurn

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  1. I am excited to see the birth of this site! I have come to Alana for guidance many times, and have yet to be disappointed. When asking of energies, people, places for and not for me, she has been spot on each time. With her guidance, I am 10 steps ahead of where I was a year ago, my family is healthier, my spirit is more aligned and at peace, and my business is booming. Alana, I cannot thank you enough–you have a lifelong follower, in me!

    1. Thank-you so much, Adrina! I have been more than happy to be your guide for this long time! It has built a beautiful relationship between us! Thank-you for being our 1st customer and trusting me to be your confidante! Much love! <3

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