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Majicia Grand Opening!

Majicia Grand Opening!

Hey everybody,

So, this is an update for our Grand Opening! I finally got all the products I’m offering for right now up on the site! Our website will offer more as time rolls on & as my guides & fate guide me in what I feel everyone needs. :)…


Right now I am only offering:

♥Text Message Readings

♥Telephone Readings

♥Chat Readings

I have not updated my availability, but will within the next week. I am looking forward to working with you as your guide.  Please follow my IG: the3rdeyesees! I will continue to update you on the availability of other services and products! Please continue to read the blog for my take on astrology updates and more!


I have finally put my availability up for right now! You can find it under the “Read Before You Book!” link! To view my availability and book accordingly, please read that page before booking and schedule, accordingly! My services I’m offering are officially entered into the scheduling system and can be used to book your reading! Thank-you so much!

Sidenote: If you were referred to me, please tell me who so that I can offer you a small discount for trusting me to be your advisor!

Much love, light, and blessings,


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