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Jupiter Goes Direct In Sagittarius! Manifest!

Jupiter Goes Direct In Sagittarius! Manifest!


So, here, I’ve inserted a current planetary position chart for your reference as I go through the importantance of Jupiter being direct in his own sign that he rules (in modern day astrology), Sagittarius! Venus is still Retrograde, but, no longer in Scorpio, but Libra. Uranus is Retrograde in Aries, & Neptune remains Retrograde in Pisces.

So, let’s talk about Jupiter and what this means for us! ? Jupiter, the ruler of travel, learning, luck, and serendipity has landed in good ole Sadgey for a little over a year! This is a GREAT time to learn something new (a trade, a hobby, researching a new business, traveling some place new, etc.)!

You probably have felt the affects of this already: small windfalls, increased credit scores, new look at education or starting a new journey into a new educational interest, starting a new business with the feeling you’re willing to learn in order for it to prosper, & etc. On the other hand, Uranus is Retrograde in Aries, which means we will have about just as much of pleasant surprises as we will with unpleasant surprises, therefore, be on your P’s & Q’s especially with finances & environmental disasters & their aftermath when this planet retrogrades. When it comes to stable Taurus, we will probably see a slow-down of these unpleasantries.

As Jupiter is the great benefic & is now getting cozy in his home for a little over a year, use his rest time for this beautiful manifesting energy. I hope you have done what I asked you to do at the beginning of Venus in Retrograde, because, now, it’s time to take that rest you got from your healing spa-day & do some manifesting work so that Jupiter may help you while he’s at home! He can bring gifts of all kind to you if you travel, study (especially abroad), have foreign friends who may come in handy, & he may be able to even expand your business network with lucky run-ins! Accept social invites & blind-dates at this time (but, take the love thing slow, because Venus still has her eyes on you! Are you doing your healing work? With her Retrograded in Libra, you may need to be introspective of the family & friends you keep as company).

The last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius, for me, I got a lot of jobs & educational windfalls I wanted! Everything fell into place just right as I worked hard to manifest the kind of life I wanted & expected. Things that you would worry about (as in details) will play-out to help you open that road for yourself as you put in work for your desires. If a rare opportunity presents itself, take it! This is the time. Opportunities just seem to come out of no where as you pursue what is a passion or just living in your purpose!

Jupiter is home, guys! Enjoy it! According to wherever Jupiter sits in your birthchart or any planet of yours ruled by Sagittarius, that’s where your luck will be strongest! It’s a beautiful thing, guys!

That’s it! Please drop a comment! I love feedback & discussion!

Much love, light, & blessings,


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