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The Urban Tarot Reader: How Tarot Relates To Our Modern Lives (an article)

The Urban Tarot Reader: How Tarot Relates To Our Modern Lives (an Article)

*An accompanying YouTube vLog will soon be posted with this article. Be on the look-out for it.

Tarot is an ancient art & science when it comes to the world of divination. There are many ways to divine, but tarot is usually the first divination tool that we attempt to try our hands at as novices. Why? Usually, it’s because tarot is the most popular. The deeper reason is because, honestly, the brain just reacts better to art on cards. But, this is not what this post is about. This post is about urban tarot readers & how the cards relate to us in a recent context.

Honestly, tarot decks have morphed, but still use an old-timey depiction of the world. I used to wonder, “How can this even even relate to now?!” I was definitely pleasantly surprised! They are with ALL the recent lingo of today’s times & understand what we ask, even in street vernacular! This means our divination tools are living objects. Their energy morphs with the world’s energies as it evolves. As a minority, Black, millennial, woman that does readings for my generation (& others), I have noticed them looking at me in wonder at how in the world could I possibly relate to these ancient decks?! A lot of it is because I’ve spent a lot of time with my decks, but, also because,  you have to hear what they are saying to you. Just hanging-out with them. As I grew to love them and try to understand what they were saying, I saw how they adapted to this new world. They adjusted their meanings to fit the context we need & our current modern ways of living.

Technology, change in mind-sets, & changes in lifestyle have all been adapted to by this beautiful divination tool. These themes have been incorporated in their energies and is sometimes done in hilarious or sobering ways! Just depends on the situation.

I will soon be offering a paid .PDF guide for the urban tarot-reader, because I see a need for it. This is a small booklet meant to help tarot readers of color and other ethnicities define and relate their readings to the client who works a 9-5, but talks urban vernacular, everyday.

This will be my contribution to this art.

Much love, light, & blessings,


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