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Congrats, Nique C., for being Majicia’s 1st VIP Client!

Congrats, Nique C., For Being Majicia’s 1st VIP Client!

Majicia has been open for a year, now, and we are happy to announce our 1st VIP Client Nique C.! Once a person makes their VIP status, they are VIP with us for life and will enjoy the perks of being a Majicia VIP Client!


What is a VIP Client, you may ask? This is a client that has bought 5 readings in a period of a month, for example, if we are currently in the month of January & you buy 5 readings in January, you become a VIP Client! After your 5 paid readings, you get your 6th one, free of charge. You choose whichever one your heart desires out of Majicia’s shop, & it’s totally free! This is Alana’s way of showing her clients true appreciation for trusting her to be their advisor.  Cool, right?!


Here are Nique C.’s words of why she trusts Alana as her trusted advisor:

Have you ever gotten a reading? Have you had one, lately? If you are afraid, have you asked yourself, why?! Consider it & consider Majicia’s trusted advisor, Alana! I would ❤LOVE❤??? to talk to you!

Again, Congratulations, Nique C., for being our 1st EVER V.I.P. Client!

-With Deepest Love,


  • P.S. Read more about being a VIP Client & prepared client here.

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