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Updates! (Post 1 of 2) ??

Updates! (Post 1 Of 2) ??

Hey, guys! ??‍♀️???

It has been a while since I’ve updated on my actual blog (& I will try to do better in 2020, PINKY-PROMISES! ??) Anywho, on to the interesting points,…

Majicia’s Owner (Alana) has some surprises coming towards the end of the year & the beginning of next year! So, be looking out for the 2nd post in a couple of weeks! Also, our new Pay-Per-Minute Service is finally LIVE & will be available from this point on! I am hoping this works out well, since I have had requests for a service like this & I Googled & looked until I could find something that could provide this for my clients without burdening me as the owner, so, hopefully, we’ll make it happen!

The way this works is, you will see when I am online! It is on my “Book An Appointment” page! Please check that page before buying & booking, because I might JUST be online, making it easier for YOU the client! Win-win, right?! This will help with so many of my clients! Also, this does NOT count towards VIP Client Status! This is provided as a courtesy to requests!


Okay, more new things! If you have been following me on IG (3rdeyesees), then you know I am rolling out new services next year, which includes:

  • Tea-leaf readings
  • Pendulum readings
  • *Reiki Services

*Reiki has a star beside it because I may have to push back the offering due to my scheduling & class conflicts. Will definitely keep y’all updated! ??‍♀️

I am also planning on selling custom & specially chosen crystal boxes that come as cleansing kits in the shop! I will announce when this is ready next year! Also, our packaging will look like this:

& I am SO EXCITED to share these with y’all! As Majicia slowly grows, I grow, & my clients have made every minute of running this site a pleasure! Thank-you so much for bearing with me & trusting me to be your advisor!


More news coming! Love,



??? Majicia,… For those who wonder,…???

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