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Surprise! Majicia Had An Interview! Update #2!

Surprise! Majicia Had An Interview! Update #2!

Hey, guys!

So, it has been a crazy few days & I’ll be on my way to New Mexico, soon! On Monday, my 1st public interview aired! Here’s a snippet:



So, I had my 1st podcast interview! It was well received! Shout-out to the hosts on the show Nique, CL, & Yusuf! They made the interview so fun! Please click here to get to their Facebook page so you can follow along on all their other topics! On the show, I talk Visions for 2020, new products coming up for Majicia, my love life, & more! Also, there is another mini-show (#45.5) where I talk crystals & chakras!

Also, the Pay-Per-Minute feature is doing well, thanks guys! Y’all have been AMAZERINGS!

Anywho, I am currently on assignment in New Mexico, & for a little bit, booking was delayed during travel, but I’m wide-open, now! Please book & e-mail as you please! ??❤ It will be like this for the next 3 months!


Also, I am planning on re-releasing the weekly Tarotscopes! I haven’t done them in a minute, but I want to get back to that, because it was so FUN! I also plan to dedicate more time to this blog, too! LoL!

Anywho, here is another fun snippet:

& Please Share, Like, Follow, & Listen! I also have my own FB Business page, as well! Like, Share, Follow! & I’ll see you in my inbox! ????



With much light & love,

Alana ?????

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