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Majicia Finishes 2020 With A ?? BANG!


So, Majicia has grown so much this year! Majicia has grown through a worldwide pandemic & I’m so proud of us!


Yes. US.


Majicia, LLC has expanded & launched a hotline with a couple of other psychics along with myself! You can view it here at! Our official phone number is 1-888-741-8114! Again, that is 1-888-741-8114! Our extensions can be found on the main website!


Also, a Patreon is to be launched in January 2021 providing daily energy readings and all of that jazz! That link is!

Also, I have been became a clothing ambassador for! Here is the link: & the 15% off code is MJCARDG!

I can’t wait for announcements, but, please read the blog on the main site!

I will be using this site, still, for my own personal readings & for my own personal bookings! My assistant will be helping me & you may hear from her! Here is her intro graphic, here:


Some of my clients are having some fears of me having an assistant, but, no fear! I am still here, LOL! She will be helping me communicate more effectively with everybody & helping me keep on task & in order! My team & myself will be delivering the best service we can & we will continue to be as caring as you are used to!

There will also be goods I am working on for next year, but the hotline took-up a LOT of my time! So, tangible things for the 2021! I’m excited!

So, please come on over & explore the new hotline! Remember, we are available as long as our indicators say so!

With so much love,

Alana, Owner & Psychic Medium of Majicia, LLC

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