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It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Original AKA I’m Not Stupid

It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Original AKA I’m Not Stupid

So, I already know if you’re unique & original, people can’t resist imitating you.


Sis, you stole:

? How I used my emojis

? My chat option

? My modes of communication

? My packages


? Tried to steal my ideas, but it went totally the wrong way.

I know you finna see this, because you’re still pressed about how I mind my business about MY BUSINESS.  I’ma only do this once: I’m original, which means you’ll always be 100 steps behind! I’m not friendly when it comes to my brainchild, & you better hope I don’t figure-out your IP to ban it.

By the way:

My business is spiritually protected, sis. I don’t think you want this smoke.

By the way, good luck.

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