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Conversations With Tray: YouTube Live, Available on FB!

Conversations With Tray: YouTube Live, Available On FB!

So, I will be on my friend Tray’s YouTube Channel.

We’ll be going live this weekend on the 20th! I love when I do these types of interviews because it helps people learn who I am, what I’m in business for, learn about mediumship, astrology, & etc.! It’s entertainment & educational at the same time!


So, here are my promotional graphics! So, I got it mixed-up! It’s definitely on YouTube Live, but the interview will be posted here & on FB! Topics will include astrology, mediumship & being a psychic, AND ME (??) while covering other topics! Please watch because I’m doing quizzes, again, & offering giveaways!

I LOVE interviews because I know my clients don’t know a lot about me, so, it’s a look into my world! Definitely make a point to come through!


Valentine’s Month Sale! ?❤

I’m doing a February sale with a raffle! Buy a reading during this sale to enter the raffle to get a free one! I have more sales coming, but this is definitely a GO! Ends 02/28/2021!

Anywho, I’m excited & hope y’all can make it!

With love ?❤,


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