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Semi-Deep Post: I Wanna Talk About Shadow Work

Semi-Deep Post: I Wanna Talk About Shadow Work


So, I want to take this post to talk about my Shadow Readings, what it is, & what to expect. Oh, & their pricing.

So, when I first made Majicia, this was really all a dream, lmao. I just had to figure-out how to execute properly. Then, as it deepened, it kinda morphed into what I really envisioned psychic mediums are supposed to be: a place for healing.

So, my Shadow Readings are very structured & it holds me & the client accountable. I take healing very seriously (coming from someone who knows firsthand the benefits of truly being on the path to healing & seeing the other side, it’s my duty to ensure you get the most out of your experience). These are deep readings, which is why I spend an hour with you. I put a MAX overtime up there, because I don’t want to let you get hung-up with me always being there. I am not always with you. I’m like Jiminy Cricket or the lil’ Paper Clip from the old Word Processors (I’m showing my age, huh? lmao). I’m here for guidance & check-ins, but the divination will tell me everything I need to know about your progress.

The pricing is due to the depth & the package itself. I, literally, am allowing you to stay in-touch with me & talk to me, as small support, for 30 Days straight. Some time in, I actually divine on you again (& I could possibly just randomly divine on you during this 30 day journey, who knows? :-D) But, the 30-Day support is to remind you that you are not alone. This is for permanent life-change, not when the 30 days end. Ya feel me?

There’s not a lot of us who offer these, but KUDOS to my fellow ones that do. Y’all just don’t know how happy I am or how my face brightens up when I see progress in my clients. I just wanna hug & celebrate. It makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing & helping people who really need the help.

I also think people are scared to approach me, but don’t be. I’m always around & will get back to you. Come when your spirit is ready.

Sincerely with love,

Alana, Owner of Majicia LLC

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