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Slowly Taking New Clients

Slowly Taking New Clients

Hi, guys!

I have slowly been working on growth efforts towards Majicia and have decided to take on 5-10 new clients per month. The reason being, I want to get organized and keep a Client List so that I can start being a more closer, in-touch advisor to my Clients.

Majicia has brought me so many beautiful and interesting Clients and she has grown a LOT over the last 8 years. Majicia was opened in 2015 and has grown a Client Base I would’ve never imagined at the number! I made this metaphysical business to help everyone and I feel like she has done just that!

Majicia is going to continue to grow and expand as I work on new offerings for her, including Trauma Coaching & Shadow Work. She has more in store! I am still working on the Trauma & Abundance Series on Instagram, so go check those out at IG: @MajiciaSees! I have also added a Manifestation Journal & Zodiac Journal to the mix! I am proud of both of these accomplishments for Majicia! #CelebrateSmallWins

I am here to be an advisor and confidante. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my readings and I will be willing to share them with you!


Please continue to Wonder,

Alana T., Trauma Medium

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