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About Alana

Hi!Welcome to Majicia! “Majicia” is the name I gave this place because, in order to even have reached me, you had to have believed in magick in some way, shape, or form. My name is Alana and I hail from South Carolina, USA. I was a traveler (for work), so not only do I “wonder”, I “wander”. ?  This is why you will see adjustments to my schedule at times. I am an auntie & I love babies! I also am an artist. I am an intuitive specializing in tarot-readings and other types of divination work (including energy work). I have been doing tarot-readings for family and friends for 15 plus years and have finally decided to step-out on my own. I have other interests in my life that mesh well with my gift, as well (I am a nurse).

Here, I present to you a safe-place. I will be your counsel, confidante, reader, and friend. I build relationships through my readings, not just clients. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I am totally excited and thrilled for who I may bump into! Please feel free to leave feedback on the site after your reading so I will know what I need to work on.

Much love, blessings, and light,
Alana, Owner & Psychic Medium

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