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For Online Chat Readings, Skype Readings, Telephone Readings, & Text Readings Using Cell-phone Text Messages (SMS)

♥ – Readings are done by the pop-up chat-box in the right corner of the screen, Skype, or Text Message by cell-phone. It really is up to you. Just choose what you want by paying for your reading first and, then, booking your appointment. These are ran by queue. Everything is done by “first come, first served”.

*Online chat-readings are the most efficient and allow for the client to get comfortable during his or her reading. These are the readings I recommend the most, even though I am more than happy to oblige your preference.


♥ – Clients are allowed to book back-to-back readings, but must wait for a slot to open if they want a continuous flow. For instance, if you want to book two hours instead of one, my suggestion is to check my availability via the booking system and order them accordingly. If a slot is not available for the amount of time you desire, please e-mail me. I will try my best to accommodate special requests, even though, I may not always be able to do so. I am always one for a great compromise. ? *Please note: clients that are meeting me face-to-face will still have to check my availability online to see if I am available during that particular business day for them. Please book accordingly if necessary & e-mail me at for any special accommodations or adjustments.

♥ – Make yourself open to receive information. My readings are not “sugar-coated” or agreeable to the ears 100% (although I strive for accuracy). Readings are snapshots of what is going on, now. The information I give can be manipulated in any way you see fit to change what may be an unfavorable outcome. ?

♥ – As we talk, I will not only just offer you advice, but solutions (if you are open to them). This is to help you, not hinder you. I will only do this if I hear something special from my angels or I sense you may need it in some way, shape, or form. Everything I do is done out of love.

♥ – Make sure to check our IG & website blogs for updates. Here, I will post astrology transits updates and how to deal with them, my availability changes, new spiritual projects I’m working on, and more. I am here to be your safe-space. No judgement zone.

Payment Policy

♥- Absolutely no refunds for any divination work or missed appointments will be administered. Cancelled or missed appointments may be moved around to fit the client’s schedule.

♥- Payments in person can be done by Cash, Square, or Cashapp. You can also pay for a reading online or have me send you an invoice via PayPal.

♥- Skype Readings & Telephone Readings can NOT be paid for by CashApp. Only PayPal!

♥- Accepting & purchasing a reading from’s owner Alana & other special guests of the owner means that you adhere to our “Privacy Policy” (especially the “Services We Offer & Legal Age Use” section of the the “Privacy Policy”) and the guidelines outlined here.

♥- Wrong amounts will be refunded instantly. Prices are always up to date in the Shop.

VIP Clients

♥ – VIP clients book at least 5 readings per month. VIP-clients will get one free reading (any type & any time length) per 5 that they book. This is my way of showing gratitude for trusting me with being your private advisor.

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