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Welcome to Majicia! If you are here, you are probably wondering about a reading, how to get one, how it is done, etc. and what else is offered! All of my readings are relaxed, comfortable, & user friendly! I also offer merchandise & other services! So, please browse around & get lost in magick!
Alana, Owner & Psychic Medium


Alana has produced several testimonials since the launching of Majicia in 2018. Testimonials can be found on social-media pages & other parts of the site! Alana strives to deliver accuracy 100% of the time (but, she is human)! *Please keep in mind that free-will is ALWAYS a factor!


Alana’s divination methods include: tarot-card readings, oracle-card readings, crystal-ball scrying, pendulum-readings, tea-leaf readings, candle-work readings, birth-chart readings, and her own unique, God-given gift as a psychic medium. Divination methods performed by Alana have been honed & perfected over the course of 15+ years! Also, Majicia has a VIP club! 5 readings in 1 month gets you in for LIFE!


If you came here, you definitely believe in magick! Majicia believes in healing & light-work magick, which is Alana’s specialty! All of Alana’s readings & products center around this theme! It is Alana’s main focus to get her clients to be their best selves while helping them realize their magick!

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